Swollen penis right below head?!

Question: Swollen penis right below head?
I masturbated really hard maybe 3-4 weeks ago then my penis got swollen directly after.I proceed by taking a hot shower. Then i go and play video games then it swells down from its really swollen state. But it never went fully back to normal. What should i do to make it go back to normal.By the way the swelling forms a ring directly bellow the head of the penis and it goes down, making it look like the head of the penis is in a potato sack race. What should i do to make the swelling go down to normal size and what might be the reason of the swelling i'm concerned because i'm afraid that it might be a disease or it might me cancerous.


Well you have nothing to worry about. ITs not a disease as you can not infect yourself and its not cancer so don't worry about that. Could be your growing there or it could be that the area is irritated from vigorous masturbation. Either way your fine. Nothing to worry about. It will either go down to normal size or that is the new normal size.

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