How to fix a "leaky faucet"?!

Question: How to fix a "leaky faucet"?
I cannot recall the exact date that this started, but I know it's been pretty recent (last year or so). Whenever I sit down to drop Obama off at the Oval Office, I take a pee also. After I'm all finished, I stand up and pee drips everywhere. I've learned to stand up very carefully so that my penis is still directed over the toilet. The pee usually drips out into the toilet but it is a lot of drops. I'm not really worried about this, more just annoyed. It gets annoying having to stand up and if I accidentally forget than pee drips on my pants and all on the floor. I know that there is probably no solution for fixing this, but I'm just wandering what may cause this, if I need to change something in my daily life to stop this from happening, and whether it is a cause for concern. There is no pain or anything like that but like I said it is just annoying. PS No I am not circumcised if that has anything to do with it or not. I'd also like to add that I'm 15 years old and has mostly gone through puberty but still has some ways to go. Most thorough answer to this solution gets 10 points.


Your PC muscles are not contracting properly you can do kegel exercises where you try to stop the flow of pee while your peeing those same muscles are used when your going to the bathroom taking a dump etc. Just be sure to allow enough time for the flow to stop and squeese and release a few times before putting it away should keep things dry.

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