Is he still recovering from surgery?!

Question: Is he still recovering from surgery?
My boyfriend had to have inguinal hernia surgery in January 2011. He had a the open surgery and spent the night in the hospital but was out the next morning. Since being released from the hospital he's been playing the tough guy act and has said he's fine the moment he stepped out of the hospital. He's been cleared to go back to his old routine completely,including at work and sexual activities. We haven't had any sexual activity since December 2010 and at first I was who told him I didn't want to do anything yet because I didn't want him to get hurt(this was when he wanted to have sex before the doctor cleared him but after the surgery). Now I'm way over ready but he doesn't want anything to do with me in that way. He was the kind of guy who HAD to have it at least twice a week,now he'll push me away.

Is he still recovering from surgery or am I just not interesting anymore?


talk to him about it. he might feel rejected that you didn't want to have sex... even though you were being reasonable about it (and he wasn't cleared).

it is difficult to say what it is. i'm sorry i'm not much help. maybe try something you know he likes and see where it leads. if he pushes you away more, then its time to talk.

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