what is a virgin????!

Question: What is a virgin????

ok look its ok if you dont know. dont listen to them. you can have your penis in a vagina and still be a virgin. you are a virgin until you ejaculate inside of a girls vagina. *ejaculate means when you shoot sperm.

just common knowledge.

K kid how old are u?5,6or 7??? Well a virgin is a person who hasemt have sex(In other words I'f a guy and girl get naked and go to bed and put there penis I'N the vagina they ain't virgins because the penis touch the vagina.what is a vagina? Well a vagina is like a mouth that girls have instead of a thing hanging In the "privates" I don't k ow why they call it privates I'f a vagina looks like a mouth and a penis is a stick. HOPE THIS HELPED KID(hmm looks like I can't spell can u tech me kid)

a person who hasn't had sex

answer mine plz

Something you very rarely find anymore!
(after a certain age anyway)

look in the mirror and find out :P

if ya don't know then you shouldn't be on the internet.


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