Any1 is here who can help my father..... ANY DOCTOR!!?? PLz help... URGENT?!

Question: Any1 is here who can help my father..... ANY DOCTOR!!?? PLz help... URGENT?
My father izz suffering from acidity and stomach pain. Its very old. i wanna banish it. wat should i do.. Plz help any doctor or any experienced guy or girl.


Over the age of 40, the odds of having insufficient stomach acid is 90%. The pain may be from an ulcer or gastritis. Both these conditions can be healed with digestive enzyme supplements. Have the doctor test for h pylori bacteria as well. A course of antibiotics will kill this bacteria off. See links about how digestion works and effective treatments. >>>

Stomach acid >>>…

Digestive Disorders and Enzymes >>>…


He probably has Gastric Eshopogeal Reflux Disease, also known as GERD, or in layman's terms "heartburn".
However, he could also have a more serious condition like an ulcer, so it would be best if he were checked out by a doctor. A doctor can provide the correct treatment based upon your fathers unique circumstances.

Your father needs a real doctor, not from here who couldn't prescribe him the medicine for the acidity. Does he drink? Whatever the circumstances, he needs to be seen by a doctor to rule out ulcer or other serious illness. Take him yourself, as soon as possible.

Are you ******* retarded? Go to a doctor!

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