Is it normal to watch porn?!

Question: Is it normal to watch porn?
Is it normal for both genders 18 and over to watch porn???, as i think if people watch porn under 18 it is illegal... but i just would like to know that i am 18 and just want to know if it is normal to watch lesbian porn? NOT the other way round as that would be wierd.


You need to sort out the difference between Legal and Normal.

It is quite legal in some Countries and States to watch lesbian porn at 18.

It is normal for Lesbians to watch lesbian porn
I doubt if gay guys do it much, and probably varies if str8 guys do.

If by normal you mean over 50% then it's normal for guys over 13
to watch porn of all sorts. It may not however be legal.


Girls tend not to be interested in porn but they do like to see naked men in the safe company of other women (strippers, stage shows etc). With blokes, a good proportion like porn and can handle it without any side-effects. If you're straight, it's unlikely that you will go on to watch male gay porn when you get bored. A lot of blokes like lesbian porn, but it's lipstick lesbians that is the fantasy and not butch-looking women. Quite a few women like to watch two blokes - more than people realise. There's nothing magic about the age 18 - any authorities would not be interested in catching people under 18 as they're not interested. What they are interested in is prosecuting people watching under-age porn and this includes people under 16.

No it is not normal.If you feel that watching porn is affecting your life, then it’s bad for you. Some people get too involved with it and allow it to take over. . It’s especially damaging for a teenager to see that type of stuff. I suggest you stop looking at it because if you continue you’ll get into wanting to watch more strange stuff, like for example you’ll end up getting tired of watching straight porn and will venture out into wanting something different like: ga*y porn, animal porn, etc… This creates more confusion, harm and damage. You’ll have a hard time with real life relationships because most people are not going to want to be with someone who watches porn.

It is "normal" considering the curiosity most people have about ?ex.
But just know that you will regret it in the future, because those images and scenes will haunt you and pop into your head when you thought you had forgotten them. It's like if you've ever seen one of those "shocking videos" that have something disturbing and just plain messed up going on in never leaves you.

I never believed people when they said that seeing pornographic videos and pictures makes you feel "dirty" inside, but after I got curious and watched some of it, I understood what they mean. You just feel...icky.

Been there, done that. Wasn't worth it.

Not sure if I or anyone is really qualified to say what is "normal." There are people with a variety of preferences and tastes in this world. It is known that men are attracted to watching two women together as it is a popular fantasy. Men place themselves at the scene with the women, fantasizing about them meeting his every desire.

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yes it is normal if you are 18.

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