Men Health: Hey Fellas Could You Please Help?!

Question: Men Health: Hey Fellas Could You Please Help?
Okay, i got this problem with my beard hair, (its short) but like when i shave with a stick shaver or even the coil electric one, it doesn't pick up my beard hair because when it grows it doesnt stand up it just lays flat on the skin. I tried lectric shave, that little green bottle of this substance thats suppose to make your beard hair stand but that obviously didn't work.

What can i do? please help, i tried showering before shaving but still.


Try shaving against the grain. While this tends to be a bit more uncomfortable it should get the job done. When I say against the grain I mean shave in the oppisite direction of the way your beard hair lays. If it lays pointing down on your neck, shave upwards. This will lift the hair up as the razor goes over it. I would also suggest using a blade, not an electric razor.

hey fellas--hey, hey, hey...I get no respect, see, no respect at all....


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