Penis is only 2 inches when soft but it's 6 inches when it's erect?!

Question: Penis is only 2 inches when soft but it's 6 inches when it's erect?
I'm 17 years old, and when my penis is soft it's really small, only 2 inches, but when it's hard it basically grows 4 inches and it's 6 inches long. Is this normal?


It will make for a very nice surprise for your partners.
Size is never about a number on a ruler. It is all about proportion and how it “looks” on you. When you see another guy, do you say “wow, what a big 7.25” penis”? No. You look and instantly your mind compares it to everything else around it (short/long legs, short/long abdomen, distance to belly button, skinny/fat). Your mind sets the "proportion" and estimates the size.
Stand well back from a full length mirror, and look at yourself. This is the same way others see you. Does your tool “fit”? Does it “look right” on you? Is it “proportional” for you and your body/build? Stroke up, and see what you think.

The best study to date says the average erect is 5.66” (5.25” to 6.25” was the range).

Yeh, there's a lot more variation in soft size than erect.

Average, when true sample groups are measured by medical professionals, is 5 to 5 1/2 inches. Over 60% of guys are in that range. All but a tiny percentage of the rest are (like you) within an inch of that average.

All that really matters is that it works well for u and for ur someday wife. If u feel self doubt, u can always get together w friends and compare erections. Most guys do at some point cause we r all curious. Seeing about a half dozen friends helped me feel a lot more normal about my own development (we all grew up straight, by the way).

absolutely normal.
In fact I have read that that those fellas with a nice 4-5 incher do not gain as much length when hard as a shorter penis does.
Don't know if that is true but you are totally normal.

Its called a "grower". Yeah, its normal.

Yeah. Same thing happens to me.

yea its normal and does it matter?

I don't think soft penis size matters its when its erect that it counts ;D

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