im thirteen and im wondering how big my penis should be. At the moment it is about 6 inches. Ive been tempted to ask my friends how big theres are but im 5,4 and im friends with lots of short people which might make the answers different is what im thinking. PLEASE HELP!?


dude 5'4 with 6inches your set lol seriously dont trip at this point just focus on how to use it better then your friends. also since your still young seriously make sure you eat healthy and it'll probably grow even bigger. dont drink or smoke save all that until your done developing

would really suck to have potentially been 7 or more but couldn't because you smoked ciggs and all that.

There's no 'should' and height has no connection to penis size. Nor does hands, nose or feet. That's an urban myth. What you got is per-lenty for your age; it could gain another inch, maybe two. In any case, it's immaterial what size you got. What matters is how you use it, and the way you (and others) enjoy it.

I think its good now. . .

jk jk, not like i would know. . .

Your shlong should be at least 2 feet long to pleasure a girl.

You have nothing to be worried about.

Im 13 too. If you need any help. Hey dude feel free to email me

seriously kid get off the computer and go read a book or something

it should deff be like 3 ft long...

ur right on track bro!....u should be around 5 so ur an over achiever my friend! :)

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