If you lost muscle can you get it back? (muscle wasting)?!

Question: If you lost muscle can you get it back? (muscle wasting)?
I went through a very dark time in my life. ( still am )
talking about. 2+ years.
I did nothing but hiding away with my thoughts and depression. doing nothing. but laying in bed. thinking of killing myself. ( which I've attempted )

but anyways.. my muscles wasted away. I don't really have much muscle anymore.
my thighs which use to be big. are small now.

I am much weaker. and since my muscles wasted away. can I ever get them back?

I don't mean like. body builder. or bulk at all. I mean normal person muscle. average joe.
am I able to re-strengthen my muscles?



yes, you can regain your muscle mass. This is sadly not as uncommon as you might think (I have been there myself) but the bottom line is that if you return to physical activity, eat right so your body has appropriate fuel, stay away from mass enhancing supplements for now, and get into a workout program, you can cause your muscles to return. It won't happen as quickly as you'd like, but you'll see gains faster than you would initially think. Good luck with it.

of course. once you start using your muscle they will grow, and your depression will go away. endorphins, special substance produced by your body during physical exercises, will make you feel better mentally.

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