I take nitric oxide products..and do excersises 4 my member?!

Question: I take nitric oxide products..and do excersises 4 my member?
I workout a lot , I have noticed that since starting to take arginine related products .that my penis had become a lot veinier and when fully errect its hard as a rock. It has grown about an inch. I also do excercises for it , is this the recipie for success? I'm wondering if anyone else has figured this out and has maybe perfected a way to do this faster, or better


Nitric Oxide just increases your blood flow... As long as you are doing exercises to increase the blood flow in your penis, NO may help you with that and that's why you have these results..

Just some advice pills and enlargers DONT ACTUALLY WORK, just ask your DOCTOR!!!!

There is an exercise called Jelking!

Jelking is where you milk the penis for 30minutes a day. In other words **** but not get hard ok, DO NOT LET IT GET HARD!!!

If you Jelk, I advise to do this in the bath in Warm water, 2 fingers underneath and thumb on top, and milk. I know this may seem random or weird but it works.

Please just google it if you don't believe me.(Google Jelking or Milking the penile fluid).
It extends 2 inches in 1 month and girth 1.5 inches.


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