im 6"3 and i am 19 will i still grow more?!

Question: Im 6"3 and i am 19 will i still grow more?
ok some of my friends said when i reach my 20s i be aroud 6"6 or more but idk. and i got my height from my dad and hes around 6"5 so yea hes taller then me lol also i play basketball and football in my spere time and eat alot of vegetables, meat, and drink alot of milk and i dont smoke or drink anything that will hurt my body. also imy body is slim, but anyway do u think i might be over 6"3 when i reach my 20s?




the male stops growing at 18 your pretty much done unless you have one of those growth diseases

but yea... your done... you may...may.. get another inch but not too likely

nope sorry your body stops growing when you are 18 to 18.5 yrs old

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