Is it normal for a 13 year old to have 'man boobs'?!

Question: Is it normal for a 13 year old to have 'man boobs'?
I am thirteen and have had what you would call man boobs for a while. I read that it can be caused by adolescense and that it would probably go away soon. Im not in any way obese, but I am not a bodybuilder, Im average. Also, this may be completely seperate, but my nipples go inward. Is this normal? They are really sensitive. Will it go away?


Moobs are normal in young boys. Inverted nipple's aren't extremely common but happens.

i've had em for years, but they have shrunk a little since i lost weight. those types are just caused by being over weight(im just a little)

but if you are thin then you have something called gynocomastia, they should disappear eventually in a couple of years.

if its the nipples then ur in puberty means ur gona get big voice and taller and more cool stuff XD good luck

14 yrs and in puberty have the nipples too

continuing the answer from the first person that asnwerd, just start doing excercise, that helps a lot, and keep in shape.


yes man boobs at 13 is normal and will go away as you develop.

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