Getting rid of a bulge (guys)?!

Question: Getting rid of a bulge (guys)?
im 14 and all my friends wear nike shorts and tight jeans but every time i do i have this bulge
how do i stop it? and no stupid answers, i really want to know how.
and i also dont know if ill get a *****.. :\
like i get boners over every thing.. haha


With tight jeans, outlining your bone and your normal bulge is just part of the look. Even with tight briefs, the jeans will still display it. Soooooo... instead of hiding it, be proud of your bone! Don't run about thrusting it in peoples faces, but no need to hide or conceal it.
In the nylon shorts, tuck him into the elastic waist band when he stands up on his own. You could also wear boxer briefs instead of boxers. That will help keep your wild animal from wondering about in front of you.
Love your bone! Never be ashamed of your body.

Are you cold alot perhaps? Or you know... maybe yours is just bigger than theirs! I know you said no stupid answers but hey that could be true... You should be proud of what you have. Anyways one solution could be to sag you're pants lower, not THAT low just a bit. I wear my pants lower its just my style I don't know if that will help but I hope it does man!


At 14, boners are normal. Don't worry about them. So's your bulge, especially if you're a guy lol. I know a lot of girls are like, ewww, over that kind of stuff, but this girl don't mind. Not at all. :) Just be yourself-- being yourself means being yourself physically, too.

Im 14 too, it hapens to me too but i dont care.
but my friends sometimes tell me too that it happens to them or whatever.they dont care either thoe if they have a bone or not. just dont even worry about it. itll be all good. you should try wearing tighter underwear?
like boxer-briefs or something?

Really the best way to go is wear briefs underneath to hold it down. It is okay to show a little buldge. Let's the ladies know you're the man. Cheers!

Why hide the fact you are well endowed? I have a really cool bulge when wearing jeans and I'm proud to show it off!

Me and my awesome bulge!

Maybe you are just a bit self conscious about your bulge. I have a very defined bulge and I am very proud of it especially wearing jeans or shorts. Speedos show it off the best!

Wear tight underwear

a little bulge never hurt anyone ;p

***** are hot, why hide it..

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