Is my penis normal size? or "good"?!

Question: Is my penis normal size? or "good"?
Ok, this may be a weird question but please don't think of it as being perverted or gross it's just curiosity :\. Anyways I am 16 and my penis is about 6 inches erect and a little over 1 1/2 inches thick or wide I don't know what you want to call that. So I was just curious is that "normal" and is that a "good" size if you know what I mean. Please don't post stupid comments I know there are a lot of intelligent people on here and I thank you for you're answers, thanks! :)


You are fine. Here is a new way to look at yourself.
Size is never about a number on a ruler. It is all about proportion and how it “looks” on you. When you see another guy, do you say “wow, what a big 7.25” penis”? No. You look and instantly your mind compares it to everything else around it (short/long legs, short/long abdomen, distance to belly button, skinny/fat). Your mind sets the "proportion" and estimates the size.
Stand well back from a full length mirror, and look at yourself. This is the same way others see you. Does your tool “fit”? Does it “look right” on you? Is it “proportional” for you and your body/build? Stroke up, and see what you think.

The best study to date says the average erect is 5.66” (5.25” to 6.25” was the range).

Dude you're perfectly fine. You're right where you should be. You'll most likely get thicker by 20. Cheers!

6 inches is perfectly normal...I'm 16 too and the exact same size so don't worry! Email me if you have any other questions -

I wish I was your size:( I'm only 4.8-5 inchs and no one is answering my question :(

its good but ull get bigger im 14 7-8 inches now

just wait till 20 and ur gona have good one XD

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