Please answer (guys only!!!!)?!

Question: Please answer (guys only!!!!)?
Im 13 and I masturbated for the first time the other day and is it normal on your first time for it to take 10 mins before any sperm to come out?

Case this helps I've been going through puberty for a year now.


Masturbate a second time and see how long it takes.

Maybe your not horny enough?

idk about time length but allot of sperm should come out the first time do to all the build up.

And also, don't feel bad, if it takes 10 mins for you to climax, that's actually a good thing because you last longer in bed (but please, no sex before marriage). Plus your still in school, stay focused on school, not sex. But anyways, i hope i helped you with your masturbation issued.

Well since u r new at it hun, u probably were a lil nervous and maybe not know hoe u like it its normal for it to take that long, usually 4 5 min or so, but for play first makes it happen faster or dirty books movies, u r young when u find out if n how u like it n r more comfortable it wont take so long, but honestly guys would love thay they an receive pleasure that long when ur older without coming cause then u will ladt longer when having sex, every times not the same i wouldn't worry
ps sry i am not male

There's no exact timing as it depends how turned on and how relaxed you are. Also the longer you wait until the next time you masturbate, you'll be quicker and you'll produce more semen. You're fine - no worries.

I'm 12 and I've been doing that for two months. If you watch porn or pretend you are having sex, it comes out in about 2-5 minutes.

You're all right, son. All right...

nope. it takes a normal man 5 secs

an hour...

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