i need some opinions on my penis. help!?!

Question: I need some opinions on my penis. help!?
ok, so im 16 years old and when erect my penis is around 6 inches. what i dont understand is when flaccid (soft) it points directly out instead of hanging down. ive seen many diagrams and they all show it hanging down. when erect mine points directly up towards the sky. also when fully erect it is literally rock hard, literally and i cant bend it down and it only stands straight up. like i really cant even move it. i cant push it down really at all. is this weird. please answers and if you have and questions then comment and ill add additional info. thanks


Hey dude there's nothing wrong with you at all. Mine is exactly the same, it's not weird but just how nature has built us. I'm circumcised and it looks pretty awesome pointing straight out instead of hanging down like other guys.


i am a female as you can see, but my brothers are in the room with me.

one said,
"that means you have a penis for riding. don't worry about it. your only 16 and your body will change"

It doesn't point down cause it isn't long enough to. But that's okay. You're normal and there's nothing weird about you. You still have time to change.

It is not long enough when it is flaccid to hang down so it points out

maybe you should talk with a urologist don't think you will find the right answer in here.

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