Bleeding anus.. PLEASE ANSWER!?!

Question: Bleeding anus.. PLEASE ANSWER!?
I've had problems pooping for over a week now, it really hurts bad when I do and my stools are very hard an dry. PLEASE HELP ME, I DON'T WANNA GO TO A DOCTOR. What can be the reason and please gimme some home remedies. PLEASE ANSWER.

PS - I'm not gay and I've never had anal sex.


basically your poop was to hard and big and probably teared the anus ( very common )
you need to bring your poo in a toothpaste consistency

try increasing your water intake, fibre, eating a healthier diet. ( a lot of fruits and vegetables have fibre in them )

but since your poo is already hard i would take medication to soften it
talk to your pharmacist about these medication and what is the best option for you
laxative, suppository etc

Bleeding from the anus is not a good sign. I work in the urology department with my doctor, and I've heard him talking with patients about this. Do go to a doctor. At least you can do something about it now before it gets too late.

first thing in the morning drink two glasses of warm water, then wait at least half an hour before you eat. For most people that simple change does it. It helps to increase fiber a bit for some. Keep the area clean, and put on some soothing ointment (anything for sunburn would help)

Bro. sometimes this is the type of thing you go to the doctor for,,,cause we can tell you how to poo but what if it stems deeper than that, go to the doc

try a laxitive to stay more regular


Go to a doctor or deal with it. There's no magic remedy for you.

you are probably just wiping to much

take some laxatives and drink lots of warm water

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