I have a Sex question please help..?!

Question: I have a Sex question please help..?
Okay so I'm 15... I was masturbating and I was using a Fake Vagina and It was going good... But then I hit my climax and usually my penis gets to the point where i feel super sensitive but In a good way, but then i kept going where I usually stop then my climax got better and better, then out of nowhere i start pissing all over witch is weird because I didnt even know that was about to happen... So Is that normal??


its completely normal when you go to far. its your nerves. they get sensitive and you have no control. happens to me all the time,


i dont think its normal no , i never used a fake vagina but during intercourse i never pissed either , id get that checked out if i was you mate , i dunno much about it but i never pissed during an orgasm

You should try and urinate before you masturbate.

Nope, you didn't know your bladder was full.

U could've gotted heated in the moment & not've reAllized it. Just go to the bathroom b4 u… u know.

nope not while ur hard....u usually piss after u jack off to clear the pipes out

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