Color and shape of semen (male)?!

Question: Color and shape of semen (male)?
Is clearish semen with whitish jelly-like (or cottage cheese shape) pieces normal?


you may have some blockage causing the sperm to clump up, but it is probably harmless. you may want to get your prostate checked jsut to be ok. ask you doctor as well, they dont mind questions like that.


White to clear is a normal color but it having chunks in it is NOT normal.


BenderX- Sperm cells are microscopic you cannot see them with the naked eye. You would have to have BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of sperm in one clump for the clump to be visible enough to see without a microscope. No man has that much sperm in a single ejaculation.

The globs you speak of are clumps of sperm cells and it is normal, especially for a guy who ejaculates frequently.

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@ Connor, sperm cells CAN be released in clumps it IS a fact. The whitish portion of an ejaculation IS the sperm cells and that can be seen. One can not see an individual sperm cell, but one can see clumps of grouped cells. The remainder of an ejaculation is seminal fluid (the clear fluid) which carries the sperm cells. Ask you doctor!…

if it is mixed then yes, if it is kind of separated and the "jelly like pieces" are kind of on their own then no and you should probably go to the doctor and have yourself checked out.

Your sperm sounds dead. It's supposed to move around and look for things to procreate once you have ejaculated it.

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