How to stop pornography addiction?!?!?!?!

Question: How to stop pornography addiction?!?!?!?
Ok...I may sound like a stupid troll or anything but please read...
I'm 13, I never masturbate without porn...ever. It seems to be taking me over. I watch it and masturbate about 4 times a day. Please help me!


Get a girlfriend. Hope this helps.

Just lose the porn and do it with healthy perverse fantasies about a girl at school or teacher or te girl down the street from you. Or some hot girl from Y!A

Come on girls give the guy a hand send him a dirty written email.....make his day!

dump your guilt over it - that will go the furthest to solving your problem - and enjoy.

Stop wtaching it for 1 day, I used to hav ur problem and it just got boring after a while

seems about time someone sought therapy.
a good old jackin' to a vid now and then is normal but not at your going rate.

try to get busy, get some dvds or hangout with friends, if ur busy u wont think about it and stay away from the pc :D

it's natural 4 a kid your age to jack off

Get off the computer. You're young.. go hang out with friends!

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