Im 6'5 weigh 230lbs and scared if my penis is too little?!

Question: Im 6'5 weigh 230lbs and scared if my penis is too little?
Ok im 15 turn 16 in may... You know what all boys do when they get that truck go to movies etc... well i have already had the chance many times to have sex or get a BJ or whatever. but i have to play it off cause im scared my penis is small. well an im a big boy so they would expect a big one also. and yes i was a late bloomer i just got armpit hair an all about november last year an now gettin stomach hair. Well my friends say there sizes to each other alot. 7 inches, 8 inches and that makes me feel like a baby i measured an was 3.8 inch soft and about 5.5-6 erect. So this is one of those major things that makes me depressed an feel like im no good.... Is it that small to be ashamed of. like if friends come spend the night i stay in jeans im so worried they pance me or something. HELP!!


your friends are probably exaggerating or lying. every guy wants to be able to brag about having a big penis. but do all guys have them? no. the average size is between 5-6 inches.

besides, you're still growing! 6'5! damn! that's a tall order...!

you're young, and, as you said, a late bloomer. don't worry... you're still going through the changes of puberty. if a girl doesn't appreciate you in all of your glory, then she's really not worth it in the first place. (:

your penis is small. deal with it. lots of people have small penis's and can still give lots of pressure. just get over the fact that your penis is small and will look even smaller on you. Just lkeaarn to live with a tiny dick. Hope it helped :D

every person is different just remember that the average for penis size is 6 inches erect so your only slightly below average

it will keep growing until your 22 but some friends arent lieing because when i was 16 mine was 8 1/2 inches so i would believe friends if i was you

The average is 5" so yeah. Your good.

And your mates are probably liars about having 8" if they all supposedly have one.

Mate, you are 0.5 cm behind the US average.
If it big enough to fill a pram its big enough for what its built for.

You stop growing when you are 22, you have 5 more years.

Only ignorant people care about ur size... If u know how to work it thats all that matters.

you're 3 inches small, sorry

You know what...all guys lie! lol...they are all virgins like u...brag n yrself for better things buddy...

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