How do I live with my HUGE flaw?!

Question: How do I live with my HUGE flaw?
Please listen, this post is not a joke. I seriously need some advice. Thank you.

You know, life isn't easy.
I have to lug around a 18" penis and, quite bluntly, I need some advice on how to live life.
People think my right leg has a weird growth on it.
My lower back is always hurting.
If I get aroused, my head spins and I pass out.
It's a cornucopia of problems and people always laugh when, after being asked what the problem is, I respond with "I have a really massive wang".
You ever throw out your shoulder tossing your penis over your shoulder because you had to wear shorts? Does your massive wang cause whirlpools should you ever decide to skinny dip?
It's a burden I cannot live with anymore.


ill help u out with that problem ;) hah

Lol well we all know your lying since the biggest penis ever recorded was only 15. Funny joke though.

Call up the genesis book of world records.

DAMN! THATS BIG! i wud love...oh wait nvm.
be proud i say!

cut it off and donate it to me

hey, mine is 1009312931823 feet long, u believe that? troll -.-

LMAO this made my day.

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