embarrassing problem.help?!

Question: Embarrassing problem.help?
every time i wear jeans there's a bulge when i look down so i decided to go with baggy-er jeans and the bulge is still noticeable and its pretty embarrassing by noticeable i mean it sticks out and i don't have an erection i am in high school so i was wondering are girls perverts like guys like do they look down there as in where a guy would look at a girls breasts or ***? and a way to fix this?


Girls don't really care. They'll probably just think you have an erection (which we think is hot). We don't really judge by or look at that stuff like guys do. Baggier jeans actually make it more noticeable because it kind of hangs off of it. Try wearing tighter underwear maybe? I guess it's kind of like girls wearing sports bras to squish stuff down if ya know what I mean. :) I have no idea how to fix it because I'm a girl, but I just know that we don't make fun of guys for that or think it's a turn-off. You're fine, honey. :)

I'm a girl, duh! :)

This is normal. But to tell you the truth, it is just like guys looking at womans breasts and woman looking at mens....welll....you know. The best way to possibly fix this is honestly tighter underwear (Strange, I know) or a belt or just a longer t-shirt that just reaches below you hips to hide...welll...you know!!
Good Luck!! :)

That happens to everyone. Anyone who thinks it's anything except for your pants is immature.
Haha, you would try skinny jeans. XD

i think some women look at the mens chest. - men chest are sexy. - if they wear thin shirt - guys nips stick out. and thats the very first thing we noticed. trust me! - down below, not so. we dont care

its just the way the pants are made. i think its because of the zipper. i just wear basketball shorts.

cover it with ur binder, or tuck it in, lol

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