Shaving down there... your pubes.?!

Question: Shaving down there... your pubes.?
I'm 13 and I was wondering how do you shave your pubes? I don't really want to now because I don't need to but in case for some reason I do, or want to.
I mean, not shave completely but trim.

What do I use? A regular shaving thingy or scissors? And what about my sack, I don't want to rip it (lol). Just for reference really.
thanks :)


In all honesty, you get a trimmer and get rid of your pubic hairs by that. It's beneficial because apparently it makes your penis look bigger and it won't be bothering you or smell. But it's very itchy, because now that you have pubic hair it will feel kind of weird.

Life experience

Well im 15, and i no that if u dnt want to cut the hair all the way just trim with scissors but u have 2 b carefull and try 2 gt ur sack 2 but dnt hurt yourself n y people cut down there because when they run they start 2 sweat and it start 2 smell so they shave n wash ver gud down there

lol...planning thing for sure u imagine outcomes too much...Concentrate on somethin else...

you dont shave them you leave em as is,

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