My boyfriend used a condom to masturbate with?!

Question: My boyfriend used a condom to masturbate with?
This morning my boyfriend went to work and he said I could stay and sleep in (I stayed the night at his place). So, I couldnt fall sleep and I decided to go home. I picked something up off the floor and noticed a used condom in the trash can of his bedroom! It was right on I wasn't digging in the trash, I could have seen it last night when we were in his room. Needless to say, I freaked out because I KNOW it wasn't ours...( im on the pill and we have both been tested so please no lectures :)!!!) ANYWAYS, I met up with him and asked him WTF and I was really upset. He said, This is so embarassing... but the other night I masturbated with a condom on. I said it makes it look suspicious seeing it in the trash can and I was out of town about 2 weeks ago. I dont have ANY other reason to think he would cheat on me, and I think if he did cheat he would be smart enough to hide the evidence. Im usually good at dectecting BS but this one is news to me. Masturbater or Cheater??


he prolly isnt cheating unless he's stupid, because he wouldn't just throw it away, he'd hide it deep in the trash.

I have done that from time to time when you have a condom on and your circumcised you can stimulate the glands (head) better and the feelings are more intense if the condom is lubed it is kinda like being uncircumcised (i think) for me you put the condom on and grab and whack it is slick inside and feels great. So i would not discount him masterbating with a condom some guys do.


some guy do use a condom as it is easier to clean up after wards.

it is (with some people) called a posh w a n k that's what my friends call it

so it does not mean he is cheating on you.

if you were out of town 2 weeks ago he would have got rid of it by now

my teenage life

I have masturbated with a condom, it was yrs. ago and I was bored, so it does happen.
As was mentioned, if he had been cheating, he would have destroyed the evidence

theres no point in jacking with a condom, condoms are to prevent STDs and pregenacy, hes cheating

pretty common sense


Common Sense

He very well could be telling you the truth!
I used to masturbate with condoms all the time.
They make clean up WAY easier. And it can help get one used to using them so there isn't any issue when it comes to having real sex.
If this is the only thing that would make you suspicious of him, then chances are he isn't cheating. If he were, would he be so reckless as to leave the evidence out in the open? Wouldn't there be other indicators of cheating if he were?
Relax and take him at his word unless you have some other reason to doubt him.

hes telling the truth, i would bet anything and i dont even know him. People who are thinking why the heck would you masturbate wiith a condom need to think about pleasure. I am 15(yeah i know i am very wise) and i have masturbated with a condom plenty of times. It actually feels alot better than you would think. Anyways if he was cheating on you he would have gotten rid of that thing right after he used it, he would not just leave it on the top of the trash. I think you should relax and probably not let your relationship fall into the hands of Yahoo Answers.


Just like masturbating itself ( all guys do it ) , I think all guys have also masturbated with a condom.

But, why does he have them? I don't know anyone who would by condoms when the only intent was to masturbate with. They do make clean up easier, but not worth spending the cash on. Did he have them from before he was with you? If so, then I would not worry about it.

If you have no reason to think he would cheat on you, then he is probably telling the truth. Doesn't he dump his trash can more often then every 2 weeks?

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