How to get a nicer body by june 30th?!

Question: How to get a nicer body by june 30th?
Im turnign 16 soon, Im a GUY, 5'10 or so, about 164 lbs. I just have some belly fat, a bit of bum fat, and my main problem is lovehandles. I am not that fat, I look slim in clothes, but I really want to get a nice pair of abs and a slimmer waist for the summer, as Im going on vacation. Ima start playing soccer 2-3 times a week, and i have to walk up this masive hill that leaves me breathless every monfing.Do you think I can lose about 10 pounds, my belly fat, love handles,and some bum fat by June 29th, 2011? And, what should I do in order to do this and get a nice set of abs? thanks


Do a good amount of exercise with loads of water. You probably could loose that much or even more if you put your mind too it. Just stay healthy. Search google to find good exercise plans.

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