Is it normal to ejaculate in your trousers?!

Question: Is it normal to ejaculate in your trousers?
Firstly, I must say that I am absolutely NOT a troll. I would not blame you in the slightest for thinking so, as I would probably not believe it myself. I was watching a film, and enjoying it a bit too much, when, it happened. Panic was my first thought, I needed to escape from the cinema, but I still had an erection. Advice on what to do if it happens again and if it is normal or not please.



Normal ? Well not everyone can do it.

Spontaneous ejaculation possible by some young guys.

If you were turned on by film why not stay and enjoy it.
Why did you NEED to escape.
That bit's not normal.


As far as I am aware everyone does it all the time. Have you tried wearing waterproof underwear? I find it a great help

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