Is it unusual for a man to be able to move his penis all by itself (i.e without !

Question: Is it unusual for a man to be able to move his penis all by itself (i.e without help from his hands or hips)?
My boyfriend is able to wave and wiggle his c**k about while lying completely still on his back. No-one else I've been with has displayed this trait to me so I've no idea if such a skill is just standard or Freak or Unique territory. I really want to know!

NB: He can do it a little bit while it's flacid but finds it easier if it's erect.


there's a muscle in the penis so every man can do it

Not unusual - we can all do that. Just below the surface of the pubic area is a band of tissue called the suspensory ligament of the penis. It attaches to the pubic bone at one end, and the erectile chambers of the penis at the other. It's responsible for holding the erect penis in an upward position; flexing the muscles down there will pull on it slightly, and cause the penis to move.

Strong penis muscles in the pubic area (not IN the penis; connected to it though) are the reason for this. It is common if you work these muscles often. I can do that too, but not flaccid, only erect. His penis is stronger than mine I guess.

It's the result of a guy doing exercises similar to "Kegel's" for females....... I haven't found a chick yet that didn't like it.

yes its a muscle control...if u can stop the pee stream...u can do actually is very useful skill, the ability to last longer in sex....hmmmm...something to think about...

We can all do it, some better than others

Yes he can use his pc muscle

I'm doing it

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