Drug test for job question?!

Question: Drug test for job question?
I took a urine annalist a pee test for drugs and alcohol Today, and I was wondering if I will fail. My friend was smoking weed when I was in the car with him. The windows were down anyways this was March 15th and today is April 11th. Also it says it test for alcohol and I had some beer a 9 days ago. Do you think I will pass?????


Yeah man you will, you didn't smoke the weed, and the alcohol is not noticed after you urinate it out of your system, especially considering you had that beer 9 days ago. You should be fine.

Will you pass, I don't know, how hard did you study? Did you practice by urinating into a cup? If not you probably failed. You know what they say, Practice makes perfect.

Oh, by the way, you probably got a positive reading on the Marijuana and a Negative reading on the Alcohol.

You just asked this same question - and I answered it.

Worry not, you will pass.

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