I have 3 balls????! :oooooo?!

Question: I have 3 balls????! :oooooo?
Last time I was touching my balls and I felt the presence of a little ball :/ Omg am I dying?! What is it?!


Before you start freaking out and getting your will ready, go see your doc and have him check it out. It may end up being nothing more then a fatty cyst.
Get the facts first.

could be cancer just go to a doctor, yes the idea of showing your balls to a doctor can be a bit daunting but its better then dying or having to loose a ball because you were too ignorant

It perfectly ffiiine dude i have heard plenty of people that has 3 testicles.dont worry.its rare.Now you have more *** to shoot.

maybe you have 3 balls?? maybe u were born this way and god made u a mutant!!!!!

steven mossopp

i have 4 balls;-Tennis Ball,Golf Ball,Beach Ball,Foot Ball

Could be a tumor. Best to have it checked out by a doctor.

stop reading the comments here and head to the docs will you?

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