should i shave or not?!

Question: Should i shave or not?
well, i am getting facial hair, i am a blonde person, but all the hair on my body besides chest hair and facial hair are brown, and the chest and face hair are blonde. well, they are kind of long, and i just found one singular pure brown hair on my face, and all the hair is long. should i shave my face then? and if i do, will i lose that brown hair forever or will i get more after i shave this once if i do...


ha i was in the exactly the same position a couple years ago. I now have a reddish goatee, the mustache is still blonde but the beard is red and it is slowly becoming red up the sides of my mouth. i guess ill look like my dad the mighty redbeard in a few years. I would shave because blonde facial hair sucks but it will darken, either brown or red. Unless your head hair is like Norweigian white. My head hair used to be super white but now its dirty blonde, gets darker every year.

In time your facial hair will be all one color, then it will be a blend of your natural color and gray, and it is a personal decision whether you wan to shave.

I shaved 3 weeks ago I would grow peach fuzz and now I grow thick beard the myth about shaving makes more grow back is true

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