I want to get a six pack, but not sure how?!

Question: I want to get a six pack, but not sure how?
I have a flat stomach, but I want a six pack. I dont have time or money for the gym right now, so what can I do at home to get a six pack? Please be specific in the workout (IE 100 crunches, 50 situps, ect...)


How old are you? Sit ups are probably the best although they aren't the easiest. And the important thing is to do true sit ups. Don't cheat yourself; make sure you are going all the way up and down each time. Also, it isn't a race! If anything, you want to take your time to give your muscles as much work as possible. With your abs, it's also important to make sure you are eating right. For many of us, fat goes to the stomach immediatly. Make sure you are eating right and good luck!

You want a six pack? Well go to the store and buy one... Also, while you're there, pick one up for me? Cheers bro!


Most guys already have a six pack but the fat on their stomach prevents it from being seen.

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