I am a fourteen year-old male, and smoking.?!

Question: I am a fourteen year-old male, and smoking.?
I have been smoking on, and off for like two-three months. My parents do NOT know I smoke, I steal cigarettes from my father. But he's a heavy smoker, so he doesn't notice. I am creating this question tonight because I have just smoked a ciggarette like a half hour ago, and when I was done I felt light headed, I still do. I have another cigarette, but i'm debating wether or not to smoke it after this problem. I'v never felt this way after smoking. So please comment, and please don't be mean.


I'm sure your intelligent, stop smoking.
In this day and age, a person looks ignorant to start smoking, this isn't the 50's.
No harmful effects, no side effects, no health issues.

You can do it :)

It is very common to feel lightheaded, dizzy, or jittery after smoking a cigarette, especially for someone who has not been smoking very long. This is what happens when nicotine enters your body through your lungs. Nicotine is a stimulant, just like caffeine. Along with the nicotine, there are countless other poisonous chemicals going into your body from a cigarette that can cause all kinds of health problems, but I'm sure you know this. You are still young so you have a chance to not become addicted to smoking. I can't tell you what to do, but I highly suggest you quit now before it becomes a habit! Cigarettes cause more deaths each year than any other drug you can think of, that includes alcohol, pills and illegal drugs. Besides that, it smells bad after and doesn't taste too great. It's just not worth it.

Ciggarrettes bring all sorts of negative health risks.

Not an attempt to scare you, but think twice about smoking. Both my parents and my brother were all drug addicts and I saw the negative consequences that it had in their lives, so it was easy for me to choose not to do it. Your dad is a heavy smoker, you're likely to have the same genes, it's best for you to quit now, cold turkey. Inventing excuses to smoke will only lead to a prolonged period fo quiting or not quiting at all and the longer you do it the harder it is to stop.

Just try and quit smoking..its not at all good for you and every ciggarette you smoke you actually lose 11 minitues of your life. And since your starting so early your not going to live to be very old. Its hard to say it but its true. Nothing good comes from smoking, all you get is cancer, bad coughing, ugly facial apperance and death. Just because your dad does it doesnt mean you have to. Quit now before it too late

You're probably getting oxygen deprived causing a bit of light headedness, in my opinion just stop smoking there is really no benefit that you can get out of smoking, compared to all the problems that smoking can cause. within 5 years most of the damage of smoking is well on the way to fixing itself

First thing is you are still a Kid. I can not classified you as Male / female.
Just stop Smoking. I dont want to be rude but I wonder that you are from which family background that at 14 you have started smoking ?

Smoking is injurious to Ur health. prudent to stop smoking @ this young age. If U want to smoke, better do it after completion of 25 years; so that U'll not become a victim of smoking and its bad effects.

Don't smoke it.
and stop now before you become addicted
I'm 19 and just started smoking over a year ago and It's one of my biggest regrets.

I bought my first pack of cigarettes just because i was old enough and it lasted probably about two months because I hardly ever smoked.. Then one day I got the light headed feeling you are talking about, I'm pretty sure its because it was the first time I'd actually inhaled. I liked the feeling and started smoking more often and then I couldn't stop. Sp I would advise against smoking..

A few cons of smoking include the way you will constantly smell like smoke, both your clothes an breath. the amount of money you will spend on cigarettes, personally I smoke about a pack or so a week and usually spend around 25 bucks a month on cigarettes, 25 dollars that could easily go towards something more fun or better for me. Most of the girls who you find attractive probably wont want to be with you if you smoke, I thought it was a myth but its true.

Just dont smoke ir, or any other cigarettes. Stop before you start.

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