I'm male 17 and i'm 5,5 or 156 is that too short or it's normal a!

Question: I'm male 17 and i'm 5,5 or 156 is that too short or it's normal and do i have any chance to reach 5,7 or 173cm?
and when i'll stop growing


If your 5 ft 5 you would be 165 cm man. I'm about 173 cm and i wish i was more taler like 183 but no hope for me as i am 19 years old. Edit When i was your age i was about 168 cm and after 1 yr i grew to 173 cm. So yeh i reckon you wld get few inches more. Also how tall are your parents?

Anything is possible - but no guarantee's.
Genetics rule - you cannot re-program genetics.
You will not finish puberty until at least age 21 - or later.
More growth could be headed your way - nobody knows for sure.
You just need to be patient - and wait to see what all develops.

You'll probably stop growing somewhere around now-21. This means you might not reach 5'7 normally, however there are a couple different steroids you could get with a prescription that could help you grow more.

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