What could be wrong with me?!

Question: What could be wrong with me?
okay i'm 14 fit and healthy with no underlying health problems. I use to drink with friends a lot for a little period of time until i realized how much it could **** up my life and i stopped and have not had even the slightest sip of alcohol since september last year. After that though i smoked weed for a little like once a month or so and told myself that the smoke i had in early march this year would be my last and it has been so far but now i have bad heads and dizziness and at the moment it feels like i see the world differently like i can't focus properly i don't know if i'm just ill or it's something to do with the weed i know that i could just be over reacting and it will pass but i don't know and i don't want to go to the doctors and explain it to him/her and it is just nothing and i'll get over it but i just feel weird like i'm not seeing the world normally and dizzy.


My dear young man, I believe that the worse problem you have is the bad companies you are associated with. First you drank with them, then you smoked weed with them (maybe one of them supplied the weed?) Get rid of them. Better be alone than in bad company: I assure you, it will get worse, and will end up in trouble.

NOW YOUR question: You smoked in March, it is only April. Maybe your body has not eliminate all of the weed yet. You don't say how tall are you or how much you weight, nor if you practice exports, or exercise daily. All these factors may contribute to your dizziness, lost of focus, etc.

You should take minerals and vitamins if are not taking them. Have a good nutrition: lots of milk, no soda; meat, chicken, eggs, beans, in other words, lot of proteins. And if this does not help, tell your father (and if he is not around, tell your mother) that you don't feel well (the same as you said here) even though you don't need to mention the weed.

You may be also feeling the effect of puberty. At that age your body is going thru a lot of changes: you will be growing hair in your private areas, under your arms and even on your face. You will start to have "wet dreams" (Google what they are if you don't know) and your voice will crack once in a while, because you are becoming a man.

Please, son, don't use any more weed, don't try other drugs, don't drink alcohol, don't smoke cigarettes. BE CLEAN. I will keep you in my prayers. Trust me.

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