Boys- how to do the best for my boyfriend?!

Question: Boys- how to do the best for my boyfriend?
Don't give me crap about, 'you put your mouth on his d* and suck.'

I want to know how to touch him what to do, how to know when to stop what to do with my tongue.

Where to kiss, teasing at the beginning and how to start it all up.


My friend had the same problem and she used to practice on lollipops to make sure that she could do it correctly. the best place to touch him is his dick as it will bring him lots of pleasure and it is easiest with your hand unless he likes feet in which case you could give him a foot job. best place to start with the kissing is his mouth as if you kiss his dick straight away he may be abit surprised. each man is different and he may like it if you play with his nipples before any type of sexual acts. Hope this helps :D.

Oh that's easy! Poop on his chest, rub it in, AND GET A JOB! you whore!

my peehole!! my peehole told me this.

Nibble on it gently

Watch some porn.

All you do is put ur mouth on his d* and suck

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