Should I shave down there? (girls I want your opinion!!!)?!

Question: Should I shave down there? (girls I want your opinion!!!)?
Should I shave or at least trim my area?


I've had two serious boyfriends, one trimmed and one shaved. Shaving is a LOT better. No one wants pubes near her vag or mouth.

I shave everything above and beside my penis but I do not shave my balls because I can't figure out how to without hurting them

Yes, definitely. It's more cleaner and smoother but once you do it, maintain it. That's just my opinion.

I don't mind a bit of trimming, but shaving tends to make the whole thing look like a plucked chicken.

If you are going to have sex, then I recommend that you do shave.
Your penis?

at least trim, you want us hairless or close to it so we do too(:

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