It hurts me slightly to masterbate twice in a row? Help?!

Question: It hurts me slightly to masterbate twice in a row? Help?
So I go and masterbate,
it feels normal and great
as always. Then, if I wait
an hour and masterbate,
I get pain in my penis
and testicals. I can still
pull it off, but am left
with this mild ache,
which fades away after a
couple of hours. Is this
normal? This only
happens if I masterbate
twice in the same day. If
I masterbated once a
day, I'd be fine and feel
no pain. But sometimes,
once isn't enough!


What you are going through is perfectly normal.

Now please stop posting this question (it's good to see masturbating isn't the only thing you do twice a day)

How many times are you gonna ask this question? Goodness!

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