What causes "Pearly Penile Papules" in the male genitals?!

Question: What causes "Pearly Penile Papules" in the male genitals?
My doctor said that its normal and that it not a disease of any sort and it clearly shows that most men who are not circumcised have these bumps under and around the head of the penis which is called "Pearly Penile Papules". However my doctor can't determine was causes them even if i clean my penis several times a day.


Most men get pearly penile papules from being uncircumcised?
i recently put out a question like this.. but my husband has pearly penile papules.. it is NOT a disease and is NOT contagious meaning i can't get it by having sex, also men only have it... this may be a dumb question because i know alot about ppp after doing so much research but could he give it to my unborn baby??? like i said only men get it , it's not a disease infact it is harmless.. that's why this might be a dumb question but just to make sure can my baby get it?

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most percentages of men get it from being uncircumcised my husband is uncircumcised.. it's basically like little white heads around the glands area.. it's harmless and is not a disease

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wish u luck need more help I.M.

I am cut and I have these. I think they are just enlarged hair follicles. The hair on my head is very thick. Thick hair runs in our families, so maybe thick hair is caused by bigger follicles.

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