Is "camel toe" unattractive to men in general?!

Question: Is "camel toe" unattractive to men in general?
Sorry, I didn't know which category to put this under.....

I saw in a magazine a pad of some sort so that when a woman wears tight jeans, she doesn't have "camel toe".....Is it offensive to see that on a woman when she is wearing pants or shorts? Just wondering...

Please, no crude comments.


I can say that I like and dislike the camel toe. In a good looking woman, or any woman that I would find attractive, it arouses the sexual tension, and thoughts in my head. In the other hand, at the same time, it turns me off, because it's just too explicit, and it looks like you're a ho, slut, etc. because you surely looked at yourself before you left the house, and if you saw your camel toe and still decided to leave the house, it really says a lot about you. It's like if men's jeans had an extra "sock" shaped piece of fabric so that we could stick our manhood in it for everyone to see. It can't get more explicit than that.

It is very unflattering and can even look gross in some cases.

It's the female equivalent of guys budgie smuggling. It really is more than you really want to see!

in my opinion i think camel toes are a turn off but every one has there on opinion

They much prefer the moose knuckle look.

Drives them wild.

from a mans point of view.....yum.. the mind boggles

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