So Men I need your help on this one?!

Question: So Men I need your help on this one?
I knocked up my current boyfriend about 2 months ago and he is getting really moody. He thinks he's fat, I don't but anywayyyyyyys what are some things I can say to cheer him up?

BQ: And for you men who have went through pregnancy what got u through it?


I don't think words will do it. Get him a pretty new top and a nice skort and it should lift his spirits.

I know what you are saying. You hate to spend more money on him but sometimes it is necessary if you are to keep his spirits up so you aren't miserable in his company.

I know he keeps saying he has nothing to wear. But I bet if you search his closet you can find him a long forgotten skirt that you give to him as a gift.…

oh so u r having a Girl.
must men that get the sickness because there wife's are having baby's girls.
I know I went through that.
and honestly. there is nothing u can do. nature just takes it course.
u know not like women. u get and that when u r pregnant but men don't get that because were not.
the best thing to do is to talk about other stuff. he need to get distracted. he has to much time on his hands.

know what i mean

wish u both luck..

"what are some things I can say to cheer him up?"...Tell him you'll carry the next one.

And congratulations to you both. My boyfriend and I keep trying, but I keep losing the babies almost immediately.

Tell him the fat will go away when he has that little focker.

Wow, interesting question. I'm not sure how all that works but hey, I got a good laugh about it...

Oh man, lucky you. I keep swallowing my boyfriend's babies.

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