do guys go hard after kissing a girl?!

Question: Do guys go hard after kissing a girl?
let's say the guy really likes this girl. let's say it's their first kiss. and it's a regular kiss. some pecking mixed with some frenching. there was some build up to the kiss, meaning they've been wanting to kiss each other for a while but havent.

does the guy go hard?


hehe good question
am 20 as for me i never kissed a girl before and just thinkin about it makes me horny lol
i never touched a girl before , the only time was when i was workin in a resturant and a hot girl came in , just lookin at her boobs made me horny , and i dunno how i said that but i was so horny so i told her can i touch you ? lol i never could say that to any girl cuz i am really so shy , she said yes hehe so i touched her boob for like 2 seconds but i had an orgasm lol .
so to answer your question i would really go so hard if i kissed a girl .

I think it depends on a few factors.

How horny a guy is this guy.
How old is this guy.
How much does he want you.

If the answers are...


Then the answer should be yes, he will get an erection.

However older guys, early 20's and up, doubtable they would get an erection from kissing unless they think there is more to come. If sex is in thier minds then yes they might, as I dont think kissing is very sexual when you are already used to greater sexual contact.

But for a teenager, kissing is still quite sexual, so yes, they are more likely to get an erection.

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