is it weird that this happpens to me?!

Question: Is it weird that this happpens to me?
ive been asking questions on yahoo all day (sick today, no school for me) so im just it bad or weird that i cant get erections that quickly without *i know its kind of pervy* touching myself, i used to look at porn and masturbate to it but ive stopped for about 2 months and still not looking at it and how can i get erections quicker. whenever i see something aorusing i feel aroused i feel it in like the base of my stomach but i dont get a this 14 sooo i dont know if this is just a temporary effect porn has had on me or what but im dont get aroused so quickly anymore unless im this normal/weird???


It isn't pervy to ask a question - nor did you say anything even borderline tmi to anyone sane - so stop worrying.

No, it isn't bad or weird that you get lots of erections, its normal from puberty until many years later for males. It is also just fine to get aroused but not get erections. Both things happen.

Porn won't hurt you, its harmless, and masturbating is good for you.

Don't worry so much, enjoy being male.

Kind thoughts,


Matybe you are not thinking of the right things. you may be thinking of certain fantasies including girls but it may be that you only get excited over men and their big *****. hope this helps. :D.

It seems that you are a normal healthy boy and that erections come very easily when we are young. It's NORMAL. Let me know if you need any other questions answered.

Some people are a lot more visual than others, hence the attraction to online porn and xxx sex videos. Males are generally subject to this form of stimuli. Hence the the overwhelming popularity of sites like pornhub, reality kings, tube8, spankwire or the seemingly infinite number of porn websites out there.

Others are more prone to being stimulated via contact. Rubbing up against your partner, the occasional brush against another person.

It is not entirely out of the realm of possibility that having watched a great deal or porn and xxx sex movies has somewhat desensitized you a bit. This is par for the course as they say.

Try going outdoors, playing some sports going to a poetry recital or what not and get your mind off of porn and sex and such for a few days. Then go back to a particular free porn movie that you have liked in the past and see if you still remain unaroused.

Either way, it could just be that you are more tactile then visual.

Be well, Be safe, Be aroused on your own terms

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