What is the Point of Hand Jobs?!

Question: What is the Point of Hand Jobs?
What is the point of hand jobs emotionally? I mean, obviously it feels good to a guy, but is there anything else to it?


All forms on sexual touching draw the two closer together, that includes hand jobs.


They are quick and feel good. It's a great way to make the guy happy when you aren't ready (or willing) to have intercourse. It's not as good as a BJ, but it'll do.

how can a handjob be emotional? Thats not even a question to ask its for sexual pleasure, and the pleasure out of pleasing ur man

It feels good to the girl because she gets enjoyment out of pleasing the guy

stress and satisfaction and it clears the pipes too.

Who cares about emotion, it is for dumping a load of j!zz.

why do girls use dildos

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