What is the average Penis size for a 14 year old?!

Question: What is the average Penis size for a 14 year old?
I am Australian and was wondering what the average size penis is for a 14 year old?
My penis size is 5.7Inches when erect, is this small, average or big for my age?
I have hit puberty and i got pubic hair, a little facial hair, no under arm hair, leg and arm hair, and yes i have had a wet dream :s

So is my penis average?
And what is the erect penis size for a 14 year old?


your penis is bigger than most boys your age, your mates must be jealous
most boys at 14 are around 4" erect
stop the wet dreams by masturbating, it's much more fun

former 14YO

There is no such thing as an average size for a 14 year old, because there is no "average" 14 year old, as each boy enters and goes through puberty at different ages and rates. See the photo of 4 boys, all the same age as you, in the link below.
Your penis is the perfect size and may well grow some more (but it may not) and almost certainly will thicken as you progress through to stage G5 of puberty, when it will stop growing.


a 14 year old Boy's Penis should be about 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches erect. you are within the range. don't worry you are alright. dude mine is like smaller than yours. mine dislike only 5 inches erect. and 2 inches flaccid.

Most people's penises (penisi?) stop growing at about 13. 5-6 inches erect is the average size worldwide for a grown man's penis. The bottom line is you can't do anything to change it so don't stress it.

Your average.

Adult average erect male's penis size is about 5 to 6 inches in length, and about 5 inches in girth.

Oh dear, well, anything under 12" is a serious cause for worry.

You are average, and you have not finished growing yet, most likey! So you will probably see more growth there. :)

when i was 14 it was about 7 inches erect but its still growing now im 16 and its 8 inches flat and thicker so dont worry what u got is what u got it grows as u get a bit older just use it

ignore the trolls who say u need a foot. urs is right about average. and it'll only get bigger 2. email me if u have more questions: georgeourtown@yahoo.com

Foot Long

i would say the question would be ..how long will my brain be, this is not thinking thrugh your penis

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