Help guys does he like me or just as a friend?!?!

Question: Help guys does he like me or just as a friend?!?
Ok so I really like this guy we are both 14 and go to the same school but I was wondering if he likes me. Here are the signs well before I tell you I asked if he liked me and he said as a friend but after I told him I liked him he said ha oh. what does that text mean?

- he glances at me sometimes
-when my friend (before I told him I liked him) texted him saying j liked him right after he texted me saying hey
-we talk about our life situation
- we had to write poems in language and we both wrote ours about our dads
-he asked why I was crying one time,, like he actually cared.:)
-and he always looks back at me in language when I do something,weird.
-and he's always trying to make fun or make me laugh:)


Those signals are messaging something....He likes you. You share a lot in common and you guys talked about life situation and your family which is quite personal. He is also trying to please you by making you laugh. He's trying to transmit that he likes you but probably isn't the guy who likes to make the first step. Oh, and he stares at you which is huge.

I stare at people I like....

I'd say there is a good chance he does like you. He could just be a ladies type guy, but it sounds as show he's taken a bit of a special interest in you. Try flirting with him, talk to him some more and try phone calls-- those are always the best. Don't beat around the bush with him, be direct. Tell him you'd like to be in a relationship with him, and see what happens.

Best of luck to you! :)

Quite a few years experience here.

personally I don't think he likes you. If he did he wouldn't of said he just likes you as a friend. I think you need to calm down if he really did like you then he would go to you instead of you chasing after him.

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