How can I lose more weight just by working out?!


How can I lose more weight just by working out?

Here it is...Another weight issue. I was 239lbs a while ago and somehow got down to 195#s just by working out. I hadn't changed anything with my eating habits. Now, I haven't been to the gym for quite a while now. But I'm intending to go there and just come up with a work out plan that I can keep up to. I'm 205 lbs right now. I cannot be on a diet because of my work environment and the shifts I work. Ok I probably can...but don't want to. I did this before before dieting and know that I can do it again but don't have the energy for it. Before I was 239lbs and I'm 5'9''. I lost 30 something pounds by weight. I didn't do much cardio. I only ran for like 10 mins and cycle for 30 mins in my every workout session which was 4 days a week 1.5 hrs each day.


If it worked for you before, it should work again. Good luck!

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