How much weight could I expect to lose if I quit drinking?!


How much weight could I expect to lose if I quit drinking?

I drink just about everyday. Sometimes just one, sometimes 10 or more. I am getting tired of it and FAT! How much weight could I expect to lose, and how fast? I am at 203 pounds, 35 years old, white, male, 5' 11", with a 38" waist and I think I need a training bra! I don't eat fast food, but I love to eat. I do watch what I eat, mostly... I know the diet and exercise mantra... I'll mix some of that in.


give it a try - i know that when i was losing weight, i looked at the calories on an amstel light and it said 90 calories per bottle. if i drink 2 or 3 of them, it's almost as much as i would want for a good sized snack. and that is "light" beer. it's just empty calories, with little if any nutritional value. if you eat for nutritional value, then you will suddenly discover that any beverage other than water is just pointless to consume.
i would give it a try..what's the worst thing that could happen?

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