What causes infertility in males?!


What causes infertility in males?

What causes infertility in males?


Honey there are many causes of male factor infertility, some are seen more commonly than others. These top causes of male factor infertility account for the majority of cases of infertility in men. Here is a listing of the top causes of infertility in men, in no particular order.

There are many types of infections that might cause sterility or low sperm counts in men. These can be recent infections or from childhood. Common infections can be mumps or certain types of sexually transmitted infections (STI).

Chronic Disease
Diseases that can effect hormonal controls and sperm production, particularly when not controlled are also causes of infertility. Diabetes, hypertension and other problems can all effect the fertility of men.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
If you have a problem getting or maintaining an erection then there will be problems getting the sperm out. Sometimes this is caused by a chronic illness like hypertension or heart problems, it can also be caused by paralysis.

Failure to Produce Sperm
If the body isn't producing sperm there can be many reasons. Some may be from hormonal issues of testicular failure, while others may be from treatments for certain illnesses and cancer like chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Exposure to Harmful Substances
Environmental or work hazards can also lead to problems with fertility.

If you have experienced injury to your testicles you may also have issues with sperm production.

This is a varicosity, or varicose vein in the testicle. The varicosity damages the blood flow to the testes, making sperm production slowed or stopped.

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